Blogs of Olde

I made this blog yesterday not realizing I had made one on this same website two years ago. I only kept up with it for a few months, and didn’t pay for it (thankfully). Then I apparently 100% forgot it ever existed. I’ve exported the content and deleted the blog.

That blog was created in the beginning of 2016. I was still a year and a half away from graduating, and a few months away from my breast reduction. A few of the posts were about how I felt about my boobs. It reminded me of how much of a freak I felt like. My boobs were the first thing people would notice about me. They earned me a few nicknames in high school. The dysphoria was REAL. I hated going anywhere. I hated wearing bras and I hated how my clothes fit. Seriously, I was a freak of nature.

All those insecurities melted away when I was taken down to a C cup. Bra shopping is cheap. I walk through the world feeling… normal. There are still some aspects about my appearance I’m nit-picky about, but they’re not a huge concern. I’ve gained a bit of weight and am worried they’ll blow up again, but they’re still a comfortable size and look fine when I’m wearing a bra. I’ve met a lot of people since then, people who have never known me as Big Tits. I have some average ass tits, and I’m loving it. Of course, no tits would also be pretty cool, but honestly, I’m fine now.

Another component of my old blog was reflecting on how what I know about human psychology ties into an anarchist vision. These are ideas that I still haven’t really pinned down entirely, but when I do, I hope to turn them into a book one day. And, of course, a social reality. The problem was that I created the blog to center around these ideas, which is probably why I eventually abandoned it. Just too much on my plate. That’s why this new blog doesn’t really have much of a central theme other than “thoughts about stuff.” I have a lot of thoughts about a lot of stuff which I can easily express without having to spend too much time, if any, on research and planning. Low-spoon blogging is what I’m here for.

So here’s to hoping this blog lasts.

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